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Jenn's Photography

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Not terribly wild about it... but mah friend liked it so I decided I'd post it up and see what ya'll think. I have a couple better ones that are edited, but I'll have to upload them later there's too much work to be done today! TGIF!! Hope you're all having a good Friday!

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...so here's a self portrait. Not so great - but this journal is still pretty new and empty so what-evuh.
It works ;)

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The 2nd one (with the birds) was done really quick... going to probably tweak the editing more later. Took all of these at Lake Arbor yesterday!

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Excited! These are fun and I'll definitely have a bunch more soon ;) Whatcha think? The bottom one is really rough, but the first one didn't come out too shabby IMO! Especially for my first attemnpt!
Dirty Sunset
Angel Cloud
Street view

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In the meantime here's a great list of firefox extensions for Photographers.

  1. Fotofox: This is an all-around photograph uploader that supports several major online photo sites. Flickr, Smugmug, Kodak EasyShare Gallery, Marela, Tabblo and 23 - you can access and upload to all of them right from your browser with this do-it-all extension.
  2. AutoSlideshow: This is a pretty cool little extension that allows you to turn all the images on one web page into a slideshow. Nicely done, and of course, like all of these Firefox extensions, it’s free.
  3. Image Zoom: With this extension, you can zoom in or out from any image, even resizing an image to easily fit your screen. It’s particularly handy if you want to look at some of the finer details in a photograph.
  4. FxIF: I love this. How many times have you wanted to know more about a photograph you come across on the web? With this little puppy you can examine the Exchangeable Image File in any photograph that was taken by a camerawhich records it (most do). Exif data usually contains everything from aperture to shutter speed, camera type and sometimes even lens information.
  5. GMiF: Although I haven’t yet seen tremendous benefits of so-called “geotagging,” this extension for Firefox embeds Google Maps into any page on Flickr, allowing you to see where an image was taken. Of course, it only works if the image was geotagged in the first place. But it’s still kinda fun.
  6. PictureThis: This is another extension that falls into the “fun” category. It’s pretty simple: highlight any word on a page and this extension will pop up an image related to that word. PictureThis taps into Google Images for the photographs.
  7. Pix2Fone: Ever see a photograph on a web site that you’d love to use as wallpaper for your wireless phone? This extension can make that a pretty easy process. It does come with a cvaeat, though, and a big one at that: some wireless carriers block images from third-part web sites so the extension won’t work with those. Unfortunately, according to Pix2Fone, that’s a pretty significant list of carriers so check first to see if yours is on there. If not, dial away!
  8. Gspace: One of the really great things about Google’s Gmail - and there are many great things - is the enormous amount of web space you get… for free. It’s more than 2.8-gigabytes of space and Google has said it will increase that amount. But do you really need that much space for your e-mail? I’ve used only about 5% of my total allowance and I figure by the time I get close to the limit Google will probably have added more space. So this extension is a great way to tap that space for other purposes. Online storage or backup for your most important photographic work? No problem. Gspace can help you tap it.
  9. ShutterStockBar: I don’t sell to Shutterstock so I haven’t used this extension, but it looks great. Essentially it places the number of your current downloads from Shutterstock right in your status bar. I have a similar extension that updates my Adsense revenue, so it seems very plausible. Please leave a comment below if you’ve tried it.
  10. Snipshot: This may be more useful to webmasters than us photographers, but the Snipshot Firefox extension offers pretty easy access to Snipshot’s online image editing software. With a simple right-click, you can resize, color, crop - whatever. It won’t work on any of my personal photographs, though. Mine are perfect and impervious to any outside attempts to manipulate them. :-)

Phew… that’s it. But a pretty good list. If you have Firefox, try them out. And if you don’t, you should. Go get it!

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